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Top 10 Heat Treatment Service Companies – 2021

When the world at the forefront of tremendous innovation across industries due to the pandemic, even the heat treatment sector is not staying behind. The industry is making huge strides to include modern technologies and boost its operational capabilities. The recent developments in automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, industrial internet of things (IIoT), have brought several innovations to the fold of the heat treatment process.

Today, heat treatment industry has changed beyond recognition from the age-old simple annealing and hardening cycles. Making this change possible is a multitude of technology to improve energy and processing efficiency and enhance product quality by the development of advanced processing methods. In addition, the changing use of materials and advances in manufacturing techniques, are also opening up new heat treatment techniques, including vacuum heat treatment, intensive quench, direct forge quench with poly alkaline glycol, and electromagnetic processing. These changes are driving better understanding of the underlying science of effective heat treatment while increasing demand for products and quality requirements, and even awareness toward environmental considerations.

To assist organizations in the task of finding accomplished heat treatment service providers, we have complied the issue of Manufacturing Outlook. It is elaborately crafted to assist you in fostering productive partnerships and improving performance. In this edition, we have listed the top heat treatment service companies to highlight those making significant contributions to the heat treatment sector. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these companies are set to transform the landscape. This edition also blends thought leadership articles from subject-matter experts, and CXOs. We hope this issue of Manufacturing Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Manufacturing Outlook’s, “Top 10 Heat Treatment Service Companies – 2021.”

    Top Heat Treatment Service Companies

  • Furnacare has the ability and the know how to address a multitude of customers’ vacuum heat treatment needs from traditional heat treatment and vacuum brazing, over aluminum brazing, aluminizing as well as diffusion bonding, to advanced ceramics, debinding, and vacuum sintering. Furnacare’s team of experts offer exceptional service to its clients. Essentially, the company’s team consists of experienced professionals, most with engineering degrees, that gives an added advantage of tackling customer’s problems from a technical point of view.With a focus on expanding geographically while maintaining high levels of service, Furnacare is looking at strengthening its position as a first-class service provider by hiring highly trained technicians


  • Specialty Steel Treating

    Specialty Steel Treating

    Specialty Steel Treating, founded 1956, has been performing precision heat treating for more than 60 years. Since our inception, SST has always put quality and customer service at the forefront of our business philosophy. SST services numerous industries, ranging from but not limited to: Aerospace (military, commercial aircraft, space shuttle), Automotive & Truck, Industrial Bearing, Heavy Equipment and Tool & die. SST is the only approved commercial heat treat company in the country to heat treat certain flight critical and flight safety configurations for prime aerospace and helicopter companies. The result: a stringent system of quality and control that we pass on to all of our customers, regardless of the industry

  • Braddock Metallurgical

    Braddock Metallurgical

    Braddock Metallurgical is dedicated to providing customers with an ongoing exceptional level of heat-treating quality and service. We are a commercial heat treater that processes parts for a wide variety of manufacturers and industries. Braddock operates eight facilities offering a range of thermal processes. In its third generation of family ownership the company focuses on continual improvement while maintaining pride amongst its employees through training and professional development

  • Euclid Heat Treating Company

    Euclid Heat Treating Company

    The Euclid Heat Treating Company was established in 1946 in a garage building at 1408 E. 222nd St. with salt furnaces and open fired furnaces. Since our inception we have expanded to include endothermic atmosphere furnaces, an entire building devoted to induction hardening, an array of vacuum furnaces including a vacuum oil quench and two 10 bar vacuum furnaces, pit furnaces, nitriding equipment and much more. In 2008, The Euclid Heat Treating Company embarked on an expansion of our Induction Division. To facilitate this expansion, we relocated and expanded our offices and training facility to a neighboring building at 1340 E. 222nd St. This allowed us to tear down existing offices that were built into the production area of our Induction facility. We gained 2,000 square feet of additional space. In addition to expanding floor space, newly purchased induction equipment includes a new dual scanner with a 150 KW 3- 10 KC power source and a 150 KW 3-10 KC power source for a multiple use station. A 300KW 3-10 KC Tocco power source unit was installed to replace one of our original motor generator power sources

  • Globe


    lobe provides complete heat treating services for pipes, storage tanks, pressure vessels, castings, die presses, steel frames, mining equipment, fabricated weldments and many other products. Our state-of-the-art SCADA Control Systems are capable of measuring and monitoring multiple attached thermocouples. Metals we treat include carbon and alloy steels, chromalloy, stainless steel, monel, hastelloy, incoloy, nickel, aluminum, ductile and gray irons. We even offer 24/7 operations for expediting rapid response jobs

  • Induction Heat Treating

    Induction Heat Treating

    Induction Heat Treating is an internationally recognized leader in our industry, and the only two time winner of the prestigious “Commercial Heat Treater of the Year Award” by Industrial Heating Magazine. Our main focus is our customers. We continually work to achieve outstanding customer service and superior quality. We act with integrity, not only with our customers but also within our own organization and in the community as well

  • Katy Heat Treat

    Katy Heat Treat

    Katy Heat Treat is a full service thermal heat treating company dedicated to their customers and committed to providing a high end level of service which exceeds expectations. Located in Katy, Texas, just 25 miles west of downtown Houston and 10 miles from the energy corridor, Katy Heat Treat offers a full range of heat treating services to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and product applications. We employ an experienced staff lead by arguably the most knowledgeable heat treater in the state with 30+ years in the business

  • Keokuk Steel Castings

    Keokuk Steel Castings

    Keokuk Steel Castings has long been regarded as one of the premier American manufacturers of value engineered complex steel castings for a wide range of markets and applications. We offer an arc melt furnace capable of melting up to 10 tons of steel along with three induction furnaces ranging from 500 lbs to 2 tons. We can pour casting weighing from 1 to 3500 pounds in a large variety of alloys and we perform heat treat on-site in properly surveyed and calibrated ovens with water quench when necessary. We offer full upgrade capabilities on-site including qualified welding and non-destructive testing

  • Phoenix Heat Treating

    Phoenix Heat Treating

    Phoenix Heat Treating provides leading-edge process automation heat treating services to customers in diverse industries. Phoenix Heat Treating is committed to all our customers from local tool and diemakers to large aerospace and defense manufactures. Parts require different processing depending on their final application, that is why we created two separate processing tracks for spec work and non-spec work. If you have heat treat needs that must be certified to an aerospace or defense specification then the spec processing track is for you. If you have a non-aerospace or defense part then the non-spec track is designed for you

  • Scarrott Metallurgical Company

    Scarrott Metallurgical Company

    Scarrott Metallurgical Company (SMC) has served the Aerospace and Defense industries since 1977 and has expanded to also support the medical and computer industries as well. SMC has the approval for SAM and JCP. Scarrott Metallurgical Company is also proudly a Woman Owned Company as well as a member of the Small Business Association. SMC is a vacuum heat treating and brazing facility. Our primary work/focus is aerospace alloys which require very clean atmospheres for thermal processes in final production stages. This includes: Stainless steels (304 & 316), precipitation hardened SS (17-4 & 15-5), Titanium, Ni-based (Inconel 625 & 718), refractory metals (Nb & Mo) and other exotic alloys

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